Supervised by board-educated trainers, our programs are carefully designed to maximize fitness and minimize your stress, so your workout will be comfortable and safe.  Fitness programs are tailored to each individual’s need based on: age, gender, health, injury/rehab, weight loss, building mass or just staying fit.

Our assessment includes a body fat test ascertaining your total amount of lean body mass and allowing us to develop a proper nutrition program and an effective training program just for you.


  • General health and weight loss programs
  • Flexibility
  • Core training
  • Resistance training
  • Reactive/Plyometrics training
  • Circuit training
  • Speed & agility drills
  • Cardio respiratory training
  • One-on-one/group strength training
  • Upper body strength training
  • Lower body strength training
  • Power lifting
  • Martial arts
  • Bag training
  • TRX Suspension band training
  • Crossfit training